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Shichiken - 七賢 -

Yamanashi Meijo Brewery - 山梨銘醸 -
Yamanashi - 山梨県 -

The 100 best sources of water in Japan

The founder of Yamanashi Meijo fell in love with extraordinary pure spring water from ‘Hakushu’ ranges where snow meltwater runs down from the peak. Renowned as one of the 100 best sources of water in Japan, the water from Ojiro River originates from Mt Kaikoma, traveling through the mountains the water gets enriched and purified with cleansing granite soils. Best quality of sake rice Yamanashi Meijo only uses carefully selected sake rice from the Yamanashi region to purchase genuine sake in collaborations with sake rice production initiative group consisting of local farmers and various organisations. Blessed with abundance of nature overlooking Southern Alps, the best quality sake rice grown using snowmelt spring water turns itself into beautiful Shichiken in the hands of dedicated brewers. Passed down from generation over 300 years, the spirit and the technique of sake brewing still lives in the brewery. While strictly following the traditional Kurabito(sake brewery worker) system, the employees of Yamanashi Meijo have been taking bold steps to combine traditional brewing method with modern technologies in pursuit of unique Shichiken style.

Yamanashi Meijo Brewery